Music Ministry

It is clearly evident throughout scripture, that music was often the venue through which people were ushered into the presence of God. In fact, in the case of Saul, it was David’s anointed musical abilities that drove back evil spirits from tormenting the King. It is no different in the 21st century. Music is an integral part of every worship service, at New Life Pentecostal Church.

The music ministry of New Life is comprised of a team of talented, consecrated and anointed musicians and singers who consistently endeavor to maintain the tedious balance of leading people into worship, yet remaining in the background while all the glory goes to God! To us, music is not entertainment. Rather, it is a tool we utilize to engage in worship. 

Worship and praise is everyone’s responsibility! We encourage you to come experience AND engage in worship with us, at the New Life! God is worthy... Are you willing?